Tightening the Skin

Getting older often presents people with a negative body image, but loose skin can occur at almost any age. Younger people might have gained far too much weight, and losing it will not necessarily bring their skin back to its normal tautness. Rather than suffering with unsightly wrinkles or saggy areas of the body, lasers can now be helpful in tightening the skin for an overall better look. While it might not be a physical necessity for a patient, being able to appreciate their body can help them keep off the excess weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Aging has always been difficult for some people to accept, and their skin becoming loose has bothered many of them. Cosmetic surgery used to be the only answer for many of them in the past, but lasers have changed the playing field. The majority of laser treatments do not present the same risks as surgical procedures, and the patient does not need anesthesia. That fact alone can make lasers a safer alternative.

Unlike surgical tightening, lasers do not remove skin. They can work by peeling off one or more upper layers of the epidermis, so the layers underneath are forced to generate faster and healthier looking skin. Some laser treatments are used to also accelerate collagen growth that can also help tighten the skin and give it a younger appearance.

Laser treatments are not always done in one session, and the number of sessions will depend upon how much work needs to be done. Results are not always instantaneous either, so patients should be aware it will take time before they look the way they envision. Their health care professional will advise them after an assessment of the number of treatments needed to get the results they crave. They will also be able to give them an approximate time when the results will be visible and ready to show the world.