Freedom from Wrinkles

Surgical face lifts used to be widely used to tighten the facial skin to remove wrinkles, but lasers have become another option for patients who strive for looking young without plastic surgery. Those who want smoother skin can be treated without the risks of anesthesia that often accompany surgery. It might seem like a panacea, but there are still risks involved that patients should know before they make their final decision. Few people realize how powerful lasers are, and they can make an excellent tool in the right hands.

Painless wrinkle removal is not necessarily what will happen when the patient is treated, and lasers used on the skin can make it feel much like being sunburned. The patient’s skin is being treated with a tool that will scour off the upper layers of their skin if an ablative laser treatment is used, so some pain will be evident during and after the session. The good news is that the wrinkles should disappear fairly quickly, and many of these types of treatments will keep them from reappearing for at least several years.

There are laser treatments for skin smoothing and wrinkle removal that do not involve ablative treatment, and they can be painless during the procedure. Some patients have had mild pain afterwards, but it can be easily treated. This medical procedure depends upon the end result desired, but lasers that are non-ablative are used to promote collagen growth and tighten the skin rather than take away the upper, wrinkled layers.

Wrinkle removal with lasers has become a relatively standard cosmetic surgery that is widely performed today, and many patients are happy with the results. Each procedure has its own value, and choosing it will depend upon the result the patient desires. For those considering laser wrinkle removal, consulting a doctor who specializes in it should be their first step in seeking treatment.