Empowering Art

As more and more women are taking control of their beauty routines and using it to express their individualism, tattoos have become a popular way for them to make an empowering statement about themselves.

From small, subtle designs to larger full-body works, tattoos allow these strong women the creative freedom to enhance their appearance in ways that go far beyond conventional beauty standards.

Not only do they look great, but they represent something so much deeper, a sense of identity and unique perspective on life that sets each of us apart from the rest.

Embrace this art form

Tattoos have become increasingly popular and accepted over the past few decades. The traditional outlook on women having tattoos has shifted, with women embracing this art form as an expression of their beauty. Not only do women have the opportunity to explore creative outlets through tattoos, but they also can use this medium to reclaim control over their own body image.

Through taking back ownership of their bodies, women are becoming more empowered and confident in who they are and what makes them unique, something that is truly beautiful.

Express yourself

Tattoos have been a taboo subject for centuries, seen as expressing something naughty or sexy. Nowadays however they are becoming much more mainstream and acceptable in society.

They have become a popular way to show off one's personality, style and beliefs using their own skin as the canvas. Despite pre-existing perceptions of taboo-ness, tattoos provide people with an opportunity to creatively express themselves in ways that may be inaccessible elsewhere.

For many, it has become an important form of self-expression, enabling them to communicate thoughts and feelings which cannot be put into words.

Tattoos have a long history

Tattoos have been around for centuries, with archaeological evidence of their use in various cultures as far back as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. In Eastern culture, tattoos were used to express identity and group affiliation.

In Europe in the 19th century, tattoos made their way into popular culture, becoming associated with sailors and criminals until the end of World War II when it began to gain an underground reputation for its rebelliousness. Contemporary tattooing is an art form that has poignancy through its display of symbols and shapes. It can allow people to make a statement about who they are or what they stand for while also providing a permanent example of inner strength and personal growth both on a physical and psychological level.

Despite its long history, tattoos still continue to be adapted by different cultures across the world through the blend of traditional designs with modern motifs to create unique body artworks.

All shapes, sizes, patterns and colours

Tattoos have been popular forms of body art for many years, and today they come in all shapes, sizes, styles, colours, and designs. There are popular tattoos that women like to get more often than men such as floral designs, stars, hearts and infinity symbols. Another popular tattoo for women is a quote or meaningful phrase written out in elegant font.

Mandala patterns and geometric shapes are also popular amongst the female population. For those who prefer something more traditional there are plenty of options such as script words, animals (cats or wolves), skulls or roses.

Whether you are looking for something subtle or loud there is a type of tattoo that will capture your individual style.

Make an informed decision

It is important to be wise when choosing a tattoo artist. A reputation within the industry is key , make sure to ask around and do your research before settling on one. It's also a good idea to double check if the artist is certified, as this will ensure that they have the necessary qualifications and experience for such a delicate procedure.

Visiting their workshop to get an overall feel if the environment is also highly recommended, since clean facilities should always be maintained for both safety and hygiene reasons. With all these considerations in mind, you can make an informed decision that suits your needs.

Following the instructions you are given

Aftercare is an important step in the tattoo process and should not be overlooked. Immediately following the tattoo, remove any covering on the tattoo site to prevent infection, and gently wash with a mild cleanser and warm water.

Keeping it clean is essential, regularly apply a light layer of non-scented lotion to keep it from drying out. Avoid excessive sweating or long hot showers for at least one week, and wear a protective bandage if necessary.

In some cases, your artist may advise you to keep the area wrapped for two days or longer; be sure to follow the instructions carefully to give your new tattoo the best chance at healing properly. If you experience any signs of an infection such as redness, tenderness or swelling, seek medical attention right away.